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Hurricane Ian Update

I would like to thank those of you who enquired as to the wellbeing of our personnel, fortunately no body was hurt or injured. The property is currently subject to an insurance claim and the insurance assessor is vising us on the 23rd. We have found and are using temporary storage facilities and have resigned from our current office space. We are now looking for an office / warehouse space combined to replace it. The website is being held off due to the difficulty in supply of new products from Sri Lanka and Nepal, we thought this was resolved a few weeks ago but it is still causing issues. The website will be released the moment we know we are going to get new products. All in all, we are in far better shape that we expected and thank you once again for all your concerns..


Ian Intervenes...

We have not put any announcements up as there has been nothing to say.

We are based in Venice Florida where we have no power, no services and our area was decimated by Hurricane Ian.